signaling flags :: alphabet

AC - I am abandoning my vessel
LO - I am not in my correct position: used by a light vessel
RU - Keep clear of me; I am maneuvering with difficulty
AN - I need a doctor
NC - I am in distress and require immediate assistance
SO - You should stop your vessel instantly
BR - I require a helicopter
PD - Your navigation lights are not visible
UM - the Harbour is closed to traffic
CD - I require immediate assistance
PP - Keep well clear of me
UP - Permission to enter Harbour is urgently requested. I have an emergency

DV - I am drifting
QD - I am going ahead
EF - SOS/MAYDAY has been canceled
QT - I am going astern
FA - Will you give me my position?
QQ - I require health clearance
GW - Man overboard. Please take action to pick him up
QU - Anchoring is prohibited
ZL - Your signal has been received but not understood
JL - You are running the risk of going aground
QX- I request permission to anchor

signaling flags :: numbers

operating rules




PORT: if a power-driven vessel approaches within this sector, maintain with caution your course and speed
STARBOARD: if any vessel approaches within this sector, keep out of its way
STERN: if any vessel approaches this sector, maintain, with caution, your course and speed